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The existing building on site, known as Heritage House, comprises a storage & distribution warehouse and a two- storey commercial office building.

The current site

The site sits within an existing commercial and industrial area in Enfield. It is easily accessible due to the close proximity of the A10 and Southbury Train Station. Retail, industrial and logistics units form a significant proportion of the existing context, with a small number of residential buildings located within the commercial zone.

The existing building on-site comprises a storage and distribution warehouse and a two-storey commercial office building, known as Heritage House.

The property is subdivided and let to Waitrose and Crown Records Management. The site has concrete hard surfaces (service yard) and block paving (parking area). The access is from Southbury Road via a shared access point.

Policy Background and Heritage House

The Draft Enfield Local Plan and emerging Southbury Masterplan seeks to also: